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Introducing the biocrates publishing awards

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Blog, Literature

We are excited to launch the biocrates publishing awards. These awards will recognize the outstanding scientists who are using biocrates technology to make groundbreaking discoveries in the world of metabolomics and beyond.

Scientific research has a high level of uncertainty, and the process of driving further discovery often involves recurrent experimental failures. It’s easy to lose sight of the victories when one’s focus is on overcoming the next challenge or setback to attain a deeper level of scientific understanding. With these awards, we want to celebrate the hard-working teams behind some of the most important metabolomics discoveries of the previous year.

At biocrates, our success is intertwined with the achievements of the scientists who use our technology. Without you, we could not continue to create tools that help us pursue our vision for the future of research and health.

Our goal is to express our gratitude for these scientific contributions. We envision that this will grow in the future to promote even more scientists and their work.

Each winner will receive a certificate and a small gift to recognize their achievement. We want to tell the stories behind the breakthroughs in biomedical research and celebrate victory amidst adversity.

The biocrates publishing award categories

We are awarding authors from the following five categories:

Highest impact paper award

Description: Awarded to the first author of the paper with the highest impact factor that was published in 2021 and uses biocrates technology.

Rationale: biocrates technology is used across many fields. This award seeks to recognize a paper that has a large reach within its respective field.

Most cited paper award

Description: Awarded to the first author of the paper in which biocrates technology was used and which collected the most citations over the last three years (papers published between January 1st 2019 to December 31st 2020).

Rationale: The best compliment scientists can receive is to be cited by others in their field. This metric is used to show the impact of an individual paper on other research studies.

Most prolific publisher award

Description: Awarded to the author who published the most papers in 2021 that used biocrates technology.

Rationale: Every co-author on a publication is key to the development of the research. This metric is used to recognize someone who has brought many new ideas to the table as a team player.

People’s choice award

Description: Awarded to the first author of the paper selected through combined Twitter and LinkedIn polls as the favorite paper from three pre-selected papers published in 2021 using biocrates technology.

Rationale: Research is not meant to be done in silos, and everyone’s opinion matters. We seek to democratize metabolomics and want everyone to have a voice, so don’t forget to vote Feb. 21st -25th.

Editor’s choice award

Description: Awarded to the first author of the paper published in 2021 that was selected by biocrates’ metabolomics experts

Rationale: This award aims to highlight the diversity of applications of biocrates technology, and metabolomics in general, as the future in health and research.

These categories were selected to recognize a wide range of authors in all stages of career development. Our biocrates knowledge team has selected a mixture of metrics designed to highlight up and coming research. In line with our mission to make metabolomics accessible, we also wanted to offer the people’s choice award give others a chance to vote on their favorite paper that has utilized biocrates technology.

The winners will be announced here and on our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles in March 2021.

Please be sure to vote for your favorite paper in the people’s choice award and help us to recognize the scientists that are using metabolomics to pave the way towards the future of research and health.

Voting takes place from February 21st–25th 2022. To vote, just click on the links below.

To make sure you don’t miss the announcement of the winners of the inaugural biocrates publishing awards and hear more about our technology and the stories behind these discoveries, please see our social media channels Twitter and LinkedIn and this blog.


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