Why metabolomics?


Why metabolomics?

From just a few microliters of biological material, metabolomics can unlock the entire phenotype, offering new insights into personalized medicine and human health.

Why study the metabolome?

The metabolism and its products tell our biological life story, from our genetics to our changing environment and lifestyle.
From just a few microliters of biological material, metabolomics can unlock the entire phenotype, offering new insights into human health and is the basis for personalized medicine.

Through the measurement of metabolites, we can profile a person’s metabolic make-up at any given moment, to understand and predict the impact of external influences on their health. From what to eat to which drugs or supplements to take, metabolomics holds the key to personalized health and wellbeing.

And as an emerging field, metabolomics can help us identify new biomarkers to better understand disease.

What is metabolomics?

Metabolomics is the study of chemical reactions involving small molecule metabolites, which are produced during metabolic processes. Through the measurement of metabolites in biological specimens such as urine, feces, saliva and tissues, researchers can get a snapshot of what’s happening at the cellular level, which acts as a blueprint for the organism’s phenotype.
As the newest “omics” field, metabolomics offers a more direct measure of the biochemical activities occurring within cells, for the closest possible representation of the molecular phenotype.

Just as genomics helps us understand a person’s DNA, metabolomics holds the key to their metabolic state, with exciting implications for our understanding of disease and personalized diagnosis and therapy.

Applications of metabolomics

Clinical studies

Metabolomics enables personalized therapies and drug response predictions to make pharmacological treatments more effective



Metabolomics explains microbiome host interactions on a functional level


Metabolomics elucidates the functional attributes of the brain, neurodegenerative disease and the gut-brain axis


Metabolomics is a key technology that confirms how eating habits and lifestyle in general influence our well-being and health

Epidemiology and biobanks

Metabolomics is the future for population-based studies to identify risk factors in (sub)populations and improve individual health

Infectious disease

Metabolomics enables scientists to understand the risks of infectious diseases and help make informed decisions for treatment

a million more

Metabolomics can be used to study different aspects of health and disease. Contact us to find out how metabolomics can be applied to your research

Make metabolomics accessible

It is our mission to make metabolomics accessible to facilitate breakthroughs in biomedical research.

With our pioneering phenotyping products and services, we help scientists and researchers gather new insights about disease prevention and personalized health.

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