Metabolic phenotyping services


Metabolic phenotyping services

Metabolomics is the omics technology dealing with the detection, identification, and quantification of metabolites. The obtained results most closely reflect the phenotype of a biological system and are therefore increasingly acknowledged in research.

Expert support from study design to actionable results

Our metabolic phenotyping services enable a quality-controlled, highly reproducible, quantitative analysis across the metabolic spectrum. The expert services offer full support in every step of your project, including sampling and sample shipment, project management, statistical analysis, and biomedical data interpretation.

Comprehensive analytical portfolio

  • Best fit for every research question
  • Quality-controlled analysis in ISO certified laboratory
  • Customized assay development

Project management

  • Expert support from study design to actionable results
  • Turn-around time is typically 12 weeks after sample receipt
  • Recommendations for sample preparation, storage, and shipment

Data analysis and biostatistics

  • Expert analysis of targeted metabolomics data
  • Profound expertise in biostatistics
  • Identification of key results

Interpretation and pathway analysis

  • Established institutional knowledge at your service
  • State-of-the-art interpretation of results
  • Metabolic pathway visualizations

Comprehensive analytical portfolio

Our metabolomic phenotyping services cover a wide range of physiological processes and metabolic pathways that can be customized to best fit any metabolomics project. Choose from 8 targeted quantitative assays covering over 1,000 metabolites of relevance to humans as well as a variety of other species, in vitro experiments, and most biological matrices.

ApproachAssay nameNumber & Class of metabolites
Quantitative profiling assays MxP® Quant 500 XL kitUp to 107 small molecules & 912 lipids
MxP® Quant 500 kitUp to 107 small molecules & 523 lipids
AbsoluteIDQ® p180 kit Up to 43 small molecules & 145 lipids
Specialized quantitative assays AbsoluteIDQ® Stero17 kitUp to 17 steroid hormones
AbsoluteIDQ® Bile Acids kitUp to 20 bile acids
Oxysterol assayUp to 18 free (oxy-) sterols
Short-chain fatty acid PLUS assayUp to 19 Short-, medium-, and branched-chain fatty acids
Tryptophan metabolism assayUp to 17 metabolites from the tryptophan pathway
Acylcarnitine assayUp to 43 acylcarnitines + free carnitine

Technical considerations

Sample preparation methods can strongly influence the extraction yield of metabolites and the overall sensitivity of metabolomics experiments. Our scientists are experienced in handling and preparing samples from a broad range of biological matrices from various species.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the species/matrices processed over the years. To check on the current recommendations for a particular species or matrix of interest, please contact us.


  • Human
  • Laboratory animals (mouse, rat, dog, primates, hamster, guinea pig, fish, C. elegans…)
  • Farm animals (cow, pig, chicken, sheep, goat, fish…)
  • Bioprocessing: yeast cultures, CHO cells, medium and supplements


  • Bodily fluids: plasma, serum, whole blood, urine, interstitial fluid, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid, milk, bronchioalveolar lavage fluid (BALF)…
  • Tissues: liver, kidney, brain, lung, prostate, ovary, breast, colon, pancreas, muscle, skin
  • Cell culture: lysates from cultivated cell lines and primary cells, supernatant medium
  • Others: feces, fecal content, dried blood spots (DBS), dried plasma spots

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