Certified laboratory program

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Certified partners

Certified labratory of biocrates

Searching for a dedicated partner

Analytical precision and quality is part of our DNA and sharing these is standards part of our ongoing quest. Our kits and services make metabolomics accessible to academic and industry researchers alike.

Depending on your regional preference, sample numbers and your metabolomics challenges please contact us to support you in finding the right laboratory partner for you.

Contract research organizations (CROs)



Omics Unit


Contact: Dr. Adrien Saliou

University Uppsala

LODIAG | France


Contact: Maïté SARTER

NUVISAN GmbH | Germany

New Modalities LC/MS Group

Contact: Dr. Heike Wiese

Academic organizations


Baylor Scott & White Research Institute Dallas | TX, USA

Center of Metabolomics

Contact: Teodoro Bottiglieri, PhD


Corewell Health| MI, USA

Metabolomics Research Group


Contact: Stewart Graham, PhD

University Uppsala

Duke University School of Medicine | NC, USA

Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility


Contact: Erik Soderblom, PhD


Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (ITEM) Hannover | Germany

Abteilung Bio- und Umweltanalytik

Contact: Dr. Sven Schuchardt

University Uppsala

Roswell Park | NY, USA

Comprehensive Cancer Center
BMPK Shared Resource


Contact: Joshua Prey, MS

University Uppsala

University of Alberta | Canada

Department of Biological Sciences
Wishart Node – TMIC


Contact: Dr. Rupasri Mandal

University Uppsala

University of Minnesota | MN, USA

Center for Metabolomics and Proteomics


Contact: Candace Guerrero, PhD

University Uppsala

University of Southampton | United Kingdom

Clinical Metabolomics Unit


Contact: Professor Jonathan Swann

University Uppsala

Uppsala University | Sweden

Low Molecular Mass Spectrometry
Based Metabolomics Core-Facility


Contact:  Dr. Kumari Ubhayasekera |
Prof. Dr. Jonas Bergquist

Becoming a certified partner

biocrates is excited to welcome experienced laboratories and core facilities to become part of our certified laboratory program. Are you experienced using metabolomics in your laboratory or interested in making metabolomics accessible to your partners and customers?

We are eager to share our expertise and support to make that happen!
This partnership presents an opportunity to promote quantitative, reproducible metabolomics studies while increasing exposure, utilization, and revenue for the certified laboratories. Qualified laboratories are encouraged to apply for certification status or contact us for more information. Let us discuss your journey to obtain your certification.

We offer different models of certification depending on your strategic focus, your needs and expertise.