Metabolomics applications


Metabolomics applications

Metabolomics is a readout of the combined effects of genetics, environment and life style. Across a variety of indications, metabolomics is the most valuable approach to better understand biology and its impact on health and disease

Metabolomics is applied across indications in all areas of biology

For more than a decade biocrates has gathered extensive experience in analyzing various matrices and biological specimen.
From the elucidation of disease etiology and mechanisms of action to the discovery of novel biomarkers, our products are well suited to most steps in biomedical research.

Benefits of biocrates metabolomics platform

Precision – performance

– Up to 1,400 analytically validated biomarkers [µM] in a single assay

– 100 biological pathways covered

Healthy metabolomics reference data (QMDB)

Empowering large studies

-Reproducibility proven by international ring trials

-Established global laboratory partner network

-Unlimited data aggregation capacity

Data sharing made easy

-Data integration across labs, projects, and continents

-Total data ownership and privacy

-Cloud-based collaboration platform

biocrates metabolomics technology is quantitative and robust across different matrices, species, and laboratories — for all applications alike. Contact us to talk about your application.


Metabolomics enables personalized therapies and drug response predictions to make pharmacological treatments more effective



Metabolomics explains microbiome host interactions on a functional level


Metabolomics elucidates the functional attributes of the brain, neurodegenerative disease and the gut-brain axis

Epidemiology and biobanks

Metabolomics is the future for population-based studies to identify risk factors in (sub)populations and improve individual health


Metabolomics is a key technology that confirms how eating habits and lifestyle in general influence our well-being and health

Infectious disease

Metabolomics enables scientists to understand the risks of infectious diseases and help make informed decisions for treatment

More applications

We believe in the complete picture of health and disease. Metabolomics is currently applied in understanding many diseases. It holds the key to unlock the relationships of the environment, lifestyle, and genetics. The highlighted applications above are a few examples of the many research areas that use targeted metabolomics to better understand diseases.

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