SMartIDQ alpha kit

MxP Quant 500 XL
MxP Quant 500 XL

SMartIDQ alpha kit

Quantitative metabolomics kit for analysis of more than 1400 biomarkers with all components, plates, standards

Efficient workflows for busy laboratories

The SMartIDQ alpha kit helps you streamline your lab operations with comprehensive metabolite coverage and high-throughput capabilities.
Compatible with various mass spectrometry platforms, the kit is ready-to-use with diverse sample types including plasma, dried blood, feces, and urine.
Analyze over 100 relevant metabolites across 13 biochemical classes, such as amino acids, bile acids, biogenic amines and fatty acids. With minimal personnel requirements and modular design, the SMartIDQ alpha kit enhances your lab´s efficiency and analytical capabilities.


High efficiency

  • Small sample volumes (only 10 µL required)
  • ONE kit for multiple matrices 
  • Easy to handle and adapt to your needs

Comprehensive metabolite analysis

  • Limited set of well-characterized metabolites
  • Sharper data interpretation with MetaboINDICATOR™ – 138 metabolite sums and ratios 
  • Leading quantitative metabolite database

Quantitative and reproducible

  • Ready-to-use kit
  • Automated kit workflow
  • Quality control for reliable results
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Streamlined integration

  • Little personnel requirement
  • Expandable offering to your customers
  • Unique configuration possible to increase lab efficiency

Kit components

  • Patented 96-well filter plates with pre-set internal standards
  • Calibration standards and quality controls
  • Test samples for system suitability test
  • Quick-start guide and user manual
  • Sample preparation protocol
  • Instrument-specific methods

Kit requirements

  • Cloud-based software
  • Complete experimental process guidance
  • Automated quantification, technical validation and comprehensive results export
  • MetaboINDICATOR™ with biologically relevant metabolite sums and ratios
  • Compatible with SCIEX 5500+
  • Validated LC column
  • Compatible with ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC)

Quantitative analysis of up to 107 metabolites — All in one measurement

MetaboINDICATOR™ – SMartIDQ alpha kit

Translate metabolomics data into knowledge with one click

Calculating and understanding metabolite sums and ratios makes your biological data interpretation easier and more comprehensive. That is why we included  MetaboINDICATOR™ in WebIDQ. With one click you can find out how metabolite sums and ratios are associated with related biological functions, so your data has meaningful impact.

MetaboINDICATOR™ is more than an additional dimension to your data analysis — it unravels the scientific context behind your data. All in one click.

Improve wellbeing with SMartIDQ alpha

SMartIDQ alpha reveals insights into a unique set of physiologically relevant metabolites

The included metabolite set in SMartIDQ alpha gives a range of opportunities to build insightful analyses for different matrices sampled from individuals and groups. The product can be adopted to different smaller panels or gives the attractive opportunity to observe the full set of 107 metabolites + more than 120 metabolite sums and ratios (Coverage | detectability of metabolites depends on the matrix). If you want to know more about detectability of metabolites in dried blood samples, please dowload our Application Note (Metabolite stability in dried blood matrices) or contact us.

* Panels are exemplary; not every panel is available in every matrix (due to differences in chemical stability and general occurance). Not all parameters are metabolites; there are sum and ratio parameters

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