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The STORY principle
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biocrates metabolomics technology

With more than 20 years of experience, biocrates metabolomics kit technology has been applied for thousands of publications and by hundreds of clients in pharma, academia and health institutions. biocrates has succeeded in building global community of more than 100 core facilities, CROs, service customers & kit users to accelerate science using quantitative metabolomics.

Metabolomics kit technology

Quantitative, standardized, reproducible

biocrates enables scientists to establish and scale comprehensive metabolomics within days applying kit technology and innovative software.


Metabolomics is key to understand health and diseases

Metabolomics can be used to study biosamples from various matrices and in virtually any biological question.

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Scaling metabolomics to your demand

Services and partners

From study design consulting to sample measurement, data analytics and interpretation – biocrates and its partners make metabolomics accessible.


biocrates’ team of experts is highly professional, the analytical team is meticulous and knowledgeable about their workflow from sample prep to data analysis. The data analysis solutions brought me the efficiency and enabled me to focus on result interpretation for my research program. I am confident in continuing work with the biocrates team for my discoveries in future studies. 

Ru Wei, PhD
Scientific Director, Proteomics, Chemical Biology & Proteomics, Biogen USA

One challenge we face in clinical research is the limitation of the number of precious samples and the unique nature of each sample. It can be difficult to acquire matched controls for every study. We tested the QMDB and the various filter options matched well to study groups and the results aligned with our control groups. Reassurance by the QMDB helped us to verify that our results were within normal ranges and provide further power to our study.

Teodoro Bottiglieri, PhD
Director of Research, Center of Metabolomics; Baylor Scott & White Research Institute, USA

Our institute was looking for a standardized and validated approach to further expand our metabolomics portfolio. In general, LC-MS-based methods lack comparability and robustness. In addition, most self-developed or commercially available targeted approaches do not cover a broad spectrum of metabolites. Therefore, we use the MxP® Quant 500 XL kit on a routine base as a certified lab, because it is the most comprehensive solution for quantitative results on small molecules and lipids and complementary to our NMR-based metabolomics panel.

Dr. Sven Schuchardt
Head of Bio- and Environmental Analytics, Fraunhofer ITEM – Institute of Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Germany

Our Metabolomics Core is involved in many long-term projects. Such projects require the generation of reliable and comparable data over a long period of time, so data quality is of paramount importance to us. We rely on the biocrates platform’s high-quality workflow and data analysis pipeline, which helped us eliminate variability and generate reproducible data. Their technology has also proven to be highly versatile and we could generate amazing insights in different indications using a wide spectrum of sample matrices (e.g. biofluids, tissues, cells). Therefore, I highly recommend the biocrates platform to any researcher looking to improve their data quality or just getting started in metabolomics.

Dr. Gernot Poschet
Executive Director, Metabolomics Core Technology Platform, Heidelberg University & German Cancer Research Center

Metabolomics kit products

MxP® Quant 500 XL

The largest combination of lipids and small molecules for quantitative metabolic profiling in a single kit

MxP® Quant 500

The comprehensive kit to study mechanisms of disease, nutrition, and the microbiome

AbsoluteIDQ® p400 HR

The high performance, high resolution tool for targeted metabolomics profiling

AbsoluteIDQ® p180

The gold standard in quantitative metabolomics for all fields of research

AbsoluteIDQ® Bile acids

The benchmark solution to assess host-microbiota interaction

WebIDQ® Software

Comprehensive flow from sample registration to quantification and reporting

Making metabolomics accessible

It is our mission to make metabolomics accessible to facilitate breakthroughs in biomedical research.

With our pioneering phenotyping products and services, we help scientists and researchers gather new insights about disease prevention and personalized health.

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