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Our Technology

Metabolomics is a powerful tool to answer multidimensional questions in biology. You can uncover the phenotype of an individual from just a few microliters of sample material.

Quantitative, standardized, and quality-controlled methods guarantee robust and reproducible results that are the cornerstones of any scientific finding. Metabolomics and our technology provide high-quality and reliable data that are mandatory for today’s research and individualized health.

Who we are

At Biocrates, we dedicate all our expertise and passion to empower scientific breakthroughs in research and individual health. We are proud to shape personalized health and contribute to understanding of disease causation.

About us

Meet us

If you want to discuss how to tackle scientific challenges of the future we look forward to meet you at the following events.

Events in Q2/2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the safety of our staff we will not participate in any events in the coming months!

We hope you and your families stay healthy.

Online events

We are currently planning a set of online live events, which we will bring to you to keep the scientific discussion alive despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Watch out for news here in case you are interested.

Contact us

Do you have questions or would you like to get more information about our products and services? Please contact us.

Are you a customer and face technical challenges? Please address our support.