Nutrition might still improve your health

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Literature, Nutrition

Distinct influence of omega-3 fatty acids on the plasma metabolome of healthy older adults

This nutrition study assesses effects of omega-3 fatty acids on healthy study subjects stratified by age. The changes associated with omega-3 fatty acid supplementation are already somewhat well documented (decrease in cholesterol, triglycerides, and other lipid classes), but the previous results focused on obese or insulin resistant patient populations instead of healthy patient groups.

In addition to the effects on absolute lipid levels in plasma, changes were also observed on other metabolites such as increased hydroxyproline and decreased kynurenine, indicating an anabolic state by enhanced protein synthesis and a reduced inflammation status, respectively. If you are interested in studying different metabolite classes and pathways and obtaining results comparable with those found in the study above, take a look in the technology section or contact us!

Souzana-Eirini Xyda, Ivan Vuckovic, Xuan-Mai Petterson, Surendra Dasari, Antigoni Z Lalia, Mojtaba Parvizi, Slobodan I Macura, Ian R Lanza, Distinct Influence of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on the Plasma Metabolome of Healthy Older Adults, The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 2019,

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