20 years happy birthday biocrates

Happy birthday biocrates

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biocrates is celebrating its 20th anniversary

This summer, biocrates celebrates 20 years at the forefront of metabolomics. To mark the occasion and take a look back over the highlights of the last two decades, the global team got together in Innsbruck in July. Beyond the workshops, company and sales meetings, there was plenty of time for exploring the city of Innsbruck, visiting the Stubaital and of course our 20th anniversary party, held in a former crystal factory.

biocrates and metabolomics

biocrates has a long history in the field of metabolomics. The term “metabolome” was introduced to the scientific community in 1998 (Oliver et al. 1998, reviewed in Kell et al., 2016), and biocrates was founded just a few years later. Metabolomics and biocrates have grown up together.

After 20 years, biocrates is a synonym for standardized and reproducible metabolomics. biocrates’ kits and services continue to make metabolomics accessible to help scientists all over the world to understand mechanisms of health and disease.

Dr. Therese Koal, CTO at biocrates, gives this useful analogy to demonstrate the power of biocrates’ mass spectrometry-based kit technology: “If you dissolved a cube of sugar in Lake Constance (and you´d be able to stir the lake) you could detect the sugar from 1 glass of lake water using biocrates kits.This gives you a flavor of the sensitivity of our measurements.”

How it all started

In 2000, three leading professors decided to found a company dedicated to developing a standardized metabolomics kit platform. Prof. Adelbert Roscher (University of Munich), Prof. Hartmut Glossmann (Medical University of Innsbruck), and Prof. Günther Bonn (University of Innsbruck) together with the company Bionorica (Prof. Michael Popp) and supported by Herbert Weissenböck (Tirol Kliniken) soon obtained Austrian government funding and started the company early in 2002 with 3 employees.

biocrates founders -leading professors

How biocrates got its name?

Wondering where the name biocrates came from?
Florian Bichteler, one of the first employees of biocrates, explains:
“After long discussions with different ideas, the founders decided to take a mixture of biology and Socrates, the wise Greek philosopher,” he stated.

This idea is shown clearly in the company’s first logo in 2002, though later versions of the logos merged the two concepts.


Biocrates Life Sciences GmbH was founded.

The operative work began. The founders started building the team. biocrates settled in Innsbruck, Innrain 66. Seventeen employees were working for the company by the end of the year.

biocrates scientists

The company grew to 34 employees, focusing on kit and software development.

Biocrates won the Tyrolean Innovation Award and got its first ISO 9001 certification.

The company converted from a limited liability company into a public company called Biocrates Life Sciences AG.

The first metabolomics kit was launched. AbsoluteIDQ® p150 already enabled standardized quantification of 163 metabolites out of four compound classes.

AbsoluteIDQ® p180 led the way of metabolomics into mainstream. The successful application of the kit has been demonstrated in hundreds of published articles, making it the most frequently chosen metabolomics approach of its kind today.

The company relocated to its current headquarters location on the Eduard-Bodem Gasse 8 in Innsbruck.

biocrates headquarter innsbruck austria

The US affiliation Biocrates Inc. was founded.

The AbsoluteIDQ® p400 kit was launched. This was the first ready-to-use, standardized solution for broad lipid and metabolic profiling on Q Exactive™ mass spectrometers. It provides quantification of more than 400 metabolites and lipids from 11 compound classes covering central metabolic pathways.

Launch of biocrates’ targeted metabolic profiling kit MxP® Quant 500. It allows reproducible quantification of 630 metabolites from 26 biochemical classes additional to more than 230 biologically meaningful metabolite sums & ratios.

biocrates old quant 500 kit

A new corporate design was introduced with a new logo and a slight variation of the company name into biocrates life sciences ag.

biocrates received ISO13485:2016 as well as ISO 9001:2015 certification.
In its anniversary year, biocrates employs 69 people worldwide and continues to push the boundaries of metabolomics research.

What does the future hold?

We are dedicated to developing and making state-of-the-art metabolomics technology accessible to scientist working in applied in research, disease prevention and personalized medicine. We welcome collaboration with others in the field to push science forward, expand our collective knowledge, and help people profiting from the power of metabolomics.

Moritz Seuster, CEO of biocrates since 2019, says:
“The field of metabolomics continues to grow, offering exciting new insights into disease prevention and personalized medicine. Year by year, it has become an integral part of standardized multi-omics analysis. I’m proud that biocrates’ ground-breaking kits, technology and software are part of that equation. I’m excited for the next chapter in biocrates’ story, where we continue to develop metabolomics as a vital solution to today’s scientific and diagnostic challenges.”

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