The Metabolomist

by | Mar 8, 2022 | Blog, Literature

A podcast to connect metabolomics scientists through their stories

Connection is a vital part of metabolomics research.

Whether it’s connecting ideas or connecting with our fellow scientists, research is about bringing information and people together. We see this in collaborative projects, peer-reviewed articles (and their acknowledgement sections), and enlightening conversations by the coffee machine.

These exchanges are especially helpful when something’s blocking your progress. Hearing how others have handled similar challenges can point you towards a breakthrough of your own, or at least spur you on in the search for a solution. Just knowing you’re not alone can be the motivation you need when you’ve been struggling with a problem for days.

After a pandemic that has left us with few chances to ask questions at a conference or approach our science-crush at the lunch buffet for the better part of two years, our need for connection is higher than ever.

Like other scientific fields, there are many aspects of metabolomics research that don’t always get discussed in the open. Project planning, sample preparation, data analysis and interpretation, and application of insights require expertise at the interface of several scientific specialties. If you’re new to the field or you don’t have that expertise, there may be no obvious way to move from one step to the next.

At biocrates, we believe that sharing our experiences is the fastest way for us all to connect the dots in our research and move the field forwards.

Introducing The Metabolomist podcast

The Metabolomist is a podcast for metabolomics researchers to connect with like-minded scientists and explore the unspoken issues in metabolomics research.

Whether you’re a skilled analytical chemist with little experience in the biological interpretation of results, or a biologist who is wondering what happens to your samples after you ship them to your collaborators for measurement, we help you fill in the gaps.

Each episode invites metabolomics experts – the “metabolomists” – to share their experiences and stories to enable the whole community to perform better metabolomics. By examining in public how the work is done, the podcast turns the black boxes of metabolomics research into toolboxes available to all.

With this podcast, we hope to support the broad and rich metabolomics community to exchange, share, and learn together.
The Metabolomist aims to be a forum where the hard questions are voiced, discussed and answered.
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