A metabolomics perspective on major depressive disorder


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Alice Limonciel

Speaker Dr. Alice Limonciel

Affiliation biocrates life sciences

Metabolomics – a phenotypic crossroad

In this webinar, biocrates senior scientist Alice Limonciel shares information about

  • Depression has an impact on nitric oxide synthesis, urea cycle, inflammation, and ADMA levels.
  • The Western-style diet may contribute to depression by shifting the balance between primary and secondary bile acids, leading to mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress, which inhibits DDAH and leads to the accumulation of ADMA.
  • Understanding the metabolic changes in depressive disorders can lead to potential drug targets, such as addressing ADMA levels.
  • Connecting the disease to society and diet can help explain the increasing burden of depression globally and find better ways to help patients.
  • Empathy for those living with depression is important, and understanding the biology and metabolome better can help us progress in the right direction.

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