Short-chain fatty acid PLUS (SCFA+) assay

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are important energy-supplying metabolites. They are also signaling molecules involved in the regulation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, as well as mediators of the gut microbiome-immune axis and the gut-brain axis. Aberrations in the metabolism of SCFAs and MCFAs can result in a wide range of disorders including diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. The combined analysis of SCFAs and MCFAs can provide crucial insights into the diet-microbiome-host interaction, energy homeostasis, and health status.

Short-chain fatty acid PLUS assay

With the biocrates SCFA+ assay, standardized and quantitative study of diet, microbiome and health becomes accessible.
Explore the broadest coverage of short- and medium-chain fatty acids to gain a comprehensive view on microbial activity and energy metabolism.

Comprehensive coverage

  • Highest coverage of short-, branched-, and medium-chain fatty acids in a single assay
  • Quantitative assay to enable calculation of relevant metabolite sums and ratios

Clinical applications

  • The role of diet in inflammation, energy metabolism, insulin resistance/T2D, autoimmune diseases
  • The link to gut microbiota metabolism and gut-brain axis as well as gut-immune axis

Reliable and reproducible

  • Results can be combined with other biocrates kit or assay results for maximal insights
  • Data is absolute and quantitative enabling biomarkers and therapeutic target studies

Understand the implications

  • Support in data interpretation possible
  • Tools to translate metabolomics into knowledge
Look at 19 short- and medium-chain fatty acids included in this assay

Acetic acid (FA 2:0)
Propionic acid (FA 3:0)
Isobutyric acid (FA 3:0-2M)
Butyric acid (FA 4:0)
2-Methylbutyric acid (FA 4:0-2M)
Isovaleric acid (FA 4:0-3M)
Valeric acid (FA 5:0)
2-Methylvaleric acid (FA 5:0-2M)
3-Methylvaleric acid (FA 5:0-3M)
Isocaproic acid (FA 5:0-4M)
Caproic acid (FA 6:0)
4-Methylhexanoic acid (FA 6:0-4M)
5-Methylhexanoic acid (FA 6:0-5M)
Heptanoic acid (FA 7:0)
Caprylic acid (FA 8:0)
Nonanoic acid (FA 9:0)
Capric acid (FA 10:0)
Undecanoic acid (FA 11:0)
Lauric acid (FA 12:0)

Short-chain fatty acid PLUS assay

The ideal triad for studying metabolic health and the microbiome

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)

Microbial metabolites involved in metabolic health, energy metabolism, and immune balance

Branched-chain fatty acids (BCFAs)

Diet-based gut bacterial mediators of the gut-brain axis

Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs)

Energy carriers involved in insulin resistance and the gut-immune axis

SCFAs are important tissue-specific energy and signaling molecules

Besides an energy source, MCFAs exert tissue-specific metabolic regulatory functions

Sample requirements (Application note)

  • 60 μl plasma | serum
  • 200-500 mg feces (wet weight); minimum technical amount 50 mg
  • 3-spot sampling (recommended)
  • Need a different sample matrix? Please contact us.

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