The STORY principle
A guide to the biological interpretation of metabolomics


The STORY principle
A guide to the biological interpretation of metabolomics

The complete 5-step guide to translating metabolomics into meaningful stories

About this book

The STORY principle will give you a solid foundation in the interpretation of metabolomics and the skills you need to turn data into meaningful and impactful stories.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your data interpretation skills, this book will be your essential guide to unlocking the full potential of metabolomics and staying ahead of the curve. The book combines a detailed method to be successful in data interpretation with the wisdom of senior academics who have walked the steps before you and share their insights.

Illustrations by Jimi Holstebro. 

Available on April 17, 2023
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  • A 5-step guide to the biological interpretation of any metabolomic dataset
  • How to convert numeric results into biological knowledge and actionable results
  • How to recognize and avoid the common pitfalls of data interpretation
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About the author

Alice Limonciel

Alice Limonciel, PhD

Senior Scientist | Data Interpretation
biocrates life sciences, Innsbruck, Austria

Alice holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Medical University Innsbruck, Austria and worked as a postdoc in the Netherlands. With many years of experience analyzing and interpreting metabolomics, Alice has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by scientists and the importance of turning data into meaningful stories.

Her dedication to making metabolomics accessible to a wider audience has encouraged her to develop the method behind the STORY principle that is now accessible to all in this book, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of metabolomics data interpretation.

Follow Alice on LinkedIN for more ideas around metabolomics and data interpretation. Some of the ideas for this book derive from the podcast Alice hosts called The Metabolomist.


Opinions and praise

“Researchers expect recipes on how to deal with data interpretation. Here we see what the process really is and how data takes us on a journey filled with challenges and beauty.”
Marynka Ulaszewska-Tarantino, Ph.D.

“It’s like having in writing the advice
and conversations of a mentor that any
graduate student would like to have.”
Carolina Abrahan, Ph.D.

About biocrates

biocrates, headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria, is a global leader in the growing field of metabolomics. Our mission is to make metabolomics accessible to facilitate breakthroughs in biomedical research. With our pioneering phenotyping products and services, we help scientists and researchers discover new insights about disease prevention and personalized health. Our standardized, hypothesis-driven and quantitative approaches make biocrates’ products ideally suited for scalable high-throughput applications in epidemiology, clinical biomarker research, and many other fields. Not only are our metabolomics kits used in laboratories worldwide, we also operate a contract-research laboratory in our headquarters, serving both academic and commercial partners from around the world. For more information visit our website,, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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