Metabolomics HEALTH Meeting Graz

Metabolomics as a vital tool in precision medicine across complex diseases

by Joanneum Research HEALTH
(certified laboratory of biocrates)

co-organized by biocrates

Health is influenced by a large number of factors. This includes genetic predisposition, aging, exposure, drugs, lifestyle, the microbiome, and others. Metabolism is where those myriad influences intersect to define the disease course in the individual patient. For that reason, metabolomics can be an interesting tool in a wide range of research fields, from cardiometabolic diseases to oncology and from basic to clinical applications.

For the Metabolomics HEALTH Meeting Graz, we have invited local and international speakers who will present the wide range of metabolomics applications. From novel model systems and experimental approaches to biomarker research, talks will discuss the role of metabolomics in the future of precision medicine.

Join us for an exciting day of metabolomics science!

Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Natalie Bordag, Medical University Graz
Dr. Alexander Dietl, Universität Regensburg
Dr. Vanessa Stadlbauer-Köllner, Medical UniversityGraz
Stefan Ledinger MA BSc, biocrates life sciences ag
Dr. Christoph Magnes, Bioanalytics and Metabolomics, Pharma Services, Joanneum Research
Prof. Harald Sourij, Medical University Graz

Date | November 13, 2023
Location: Medical University Graz, assembly hall (Joanneum)
Program | Will follow soon