Satisfying unmet needs with metabolomic biomarkers

Biocrates’ targeted metabolomics technology is a significant contribution to personalized medicine as it incorporates highly specific and sensitive biomarkers.

Biomarker panels, which are commonly regarded as the future of diagnostics and a prerequisite for tailoring treatments to individual needs, can be successfully introduced only with a highly sensitive, accurate and standardized method.
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Biocrates’ targeted metabolomics platform fulfils these criteria and, by multiplexing a variety of metabolic products accompanied by sound statistical methods, rather than measuring single parameters, provides a detailed picture of healthy versus diseased states. Thus, diseases can be detected earlier and more accurately. Ideally, identifying deviations and shifts in metabolic signatures will make it possible to diagnose and take action well before a disease is manifested. Finally, companion diagnostics can be applied successfully using metabolomic biomarkers, thus enhancing the efficacy of treatments.

Through our metabolomics services support partners in pharmaceutical, biotech, and life science industries in identifying metabolomic biomarkers relevant to their specific research and development projects. Read more

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