Unlocking the Metabolome with Metabolic Phenotyping 

Metabolomics has seen dynamic growth over the last couple of years. Successful applications in a vast variety of fields have fueled the introduction of this powerful technology into the method portfolio of leading biomedical research groups as well as pharmaceutical companies. As metabolomics can provide more comprehensive information about the metabolic phenotype, the technology is believed to  shape the future of clinical biochemistry.

Targeted Metabolomics, or Metabolic Phenotyping, provides tools for hypothesis driven and, at times, hypothesis generating biomedical research. With metabolic phenotyping, scientists can obtain quantitative information on pre-selected metabolites and metabolic pathways. Biocrates offers kits and services in Metabolic Phenotyping, and is among the world leaders in the field


Targeted Metabolomics Kits:AbsoluteIDQ-p180-Kit-Schatten 72dpi

  • Standardized & Quality Controlled
  • Quantitative & Targeted
  • Easy to use

Biocrates’ Kits utilize mass spectrometry technology and a unique platform of sample preparation, as well as data management and automated data analysis. The advantages of using kits include
- increased throughput
- removing the need for costly and time consuming method development, and
- better reproducibility.

As an 'omics technology, metabolomics is not confined to a specific area or research. Biocrates' kits have been applied in basic as well as clinical and pharmaceutical research, in a variety of applications. The kits have contributed to hundreds of publications.

Learn more about the Targeted Metabolomics Kits. 

Biocrates’ Kits can be used in your own laboratory, at one of our partner laboratories around the world, or at Biocrates’ corporate headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria.



Metabolic Phenotyping Services:

Biocrates' Metabolic Phenotyping Services may be a good option for you if you are interested in metabolomics, but do not have access to suitable mass spectrometers for running the Targeted Metabolomics kits, or if answering your research question requires the analysis of specific metabolite classes that are not covred by the kits. At Biocrates' Headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria, more than 600 endogenous metabolites can be analyzed.

Scientists at the Metabolic Phenotyping Services laboratories have extensive experience in project design, analytical chemistry and biochemistry, as well as biostatistics.

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Biocrates provides an award winning software with most of its Targeted Metabolomics Kits. MetIDQ™ highly automates the FIA-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS process from project and sample administration to plate layout and work list generation, technical validation and statistical analysis to standardize metabolomics project data processing.



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