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In this section, we share some of the recent papers we found most fascinating. 


January 14, 2020:
Serum very long-chain fatty acid-containing lipids predict response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in urological cancers

November 26, 2019:
Alterations in circulating amino acid metabolite ratio associated with arginase activity are potential indicators of metabolic syndrome: the korean genome and epidemiology study

November 11, 2019:
Biogenic amines: Concentrations in serum and skeletal muscle from late pregnancy until early lactation in dairy cows with high versus normal body condition score

October 30, 2019:
Chabrun et al. Metabolomics reveals highly regional specificity of cerebral sexual dimorphism in mice

September 24, 2019:
Deelen et al. A metabolic profile of all-cause mortality risk identified in an observational study of 44,168 individuals

September 17, 2019:
Abu et al. Betaine attenuates pathology by stimulating lipid oxidation in liver and regulating phospholipid metabolism in brain of methionine-choline-deficient rats

September 10, 2019:
Dalton et al. Hotspot SF3B1 mutations induce metabolic reprogramming and vulnerability to serine deprivation

August 27, 2019:
Mahmoudian Dehkordi et al., Altered bile acid profile associates with cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease - An emerging role for gut microbiome

August 20, 2019:
Farowski et al., Potential biomarkers to predict outcome of faecal microbiota transfer for recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection

August 13, 2019:
Halade et al., Lipoxygenase drives lipidomic and metabolic reprogramming in ischemic heart failure

August 5, 2019:
Xyda et al., Distinct influence of omega-3 fatty acids on the plasma metabolome of healthy older adults


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