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Can cancer be predicted?
Will my patient respond better to immunotherapy, a VEGF inhibitor, or a PI3K inhibitor?
Which nutritional advice should patients be given?

Status Quo and Medical Need

Cancer does not typically occur in an otherwise healthy organisms. Every major cancer type has been associated with obesity and diabetes, and estimates indicate that one third of cancers could be prevented with the suitable lifestyle. Increasing evidence suggests that metabolic deregulation may occur many years before a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer treatments have made remarkable progress, with many new treatment options having come available. However, in spite of companion diagnostics being available in many cases, non-response rates remain high, and there are no positive predictors of response available. Metabolic biomarkers may help personalize treatments, so that they can provide the maximum benefit to patients.

Relevant Metabolite Classes

Amino acids and biogenic amines:

  • Biogenic amines, especially originating from ornithine (putrescine, spermine, spermidine) may define survival through interfering with cell cycle control.
  • Amino acids are critically involved in immune modulatory pathways such as IDO and mTOR.
  • Glutamine is a major energy source of cancers. Serine and glycine, the latter having been proposed as a prediabetes marker, link increased glycolysis to nucleotide metabolism.


  • Mitochondrial dysfunction is probably involved in the pathogenesis of many cancers.
  • Some cancers increasingly rely on fatty acid oxidation as an energy source.

Phospho- and sphingolipids:

  • Lipids are important mediators of inflammation, which is believed to be a major reason for the association between obesity and diabetes with a number of cancers.
  • Lipid metabolism has been shown to be able to assess both cancer risk in healthy individuals, and survival in cancer patients.

Bile acids:

  • Bile acids are well known to play a role in the pathogenesis of gastrointestinal cancers,
  • Bile acids modulate immunity, one of the most promising concepts in cancer therapy.

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