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Potential Research Questions

Which are early events in the pathogenesis of cardiometabolic diseases?
Which factors define clinical outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease?
How can the best treatment be chosen?

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Status Quo and Medical Need

A significant proportion of patients affected by or people at risk for cardiometabolic diseases are undiagnosed. Treatment refractory disease and rising health care costs are also matters of concern. The finding that health promoting and disease preventing lifestyle interventions need to be highly individualized, further highlight the need for new and better biomarkers.

Metabolic phenotyping has been playing a large role in developing promising markers at any stage of cardiometabolic diseases– whether it‘s prediction, diagnosis, or disease monitoring. Metabolic research has also helped in understanding the pathophysiological mechanisms involved, and will continue to do so. Biocrates’ focus on low sample requirement, high throughput and reproducibility facilitates bench-to-bedside research strategies.

Relevant Metabolite Classes

Amino acids and biogenic amines:

  • Amino acids are strong predictors of outcome in heart failure.
  • Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) are involved in early diabetes pathogenesis.

Phospho- and sphingolipids:

  • The LDL lowering effect of metformin occurs through changes in phospholipid metabolism.
  • Lipid signatures identify metabolically healthy obese, as well as metabolically unhealthy lean individuals.

Steroid hormones:

  • Steroid hormones are involved in regulating glucose metabolism and blood pressure.
  • Multiple steroid hormones are known to affect cardiovascular outcome.

Bile acids:

  • Bile acids link gut microbiome and diabetes.
  • Bile acids are a major component of lipoproteins and may affect their size and function.


  • Oxysterols are thought to be a major contributor to the detrimental effects of altered cholesterol metabolism.

Selected Publications

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