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Metabolomics and COVID-19

Sars-CoV-2 is a novel coronavirus. Thus, the biology is not well characterized yet. Among the issues that we need to understand better are the factors that contribute to the heterogenic outcomes of Covid-19, and the reasons that put elderly populations at increased risk of severe disease courses. Against this backdrop, biomarkers that can be predictive of probable disease progression or the response to a specific course of therapy would be highly valuable to personalize treatments at every stage of the disease.

Getting started

Our proprietary software MetIDQ gives you control over the whole kit workflow – from sample registration to data analysis. If this is your first kit, please start your journey with watching the tutorial videos. 

MetLims Tutorial 1

MetLims Tutorial 2

Whatever Tutorial XX


Getting training

Our kits and software are intuitive to use and have little need for maintenance. Nevertheless, if you start with the kit for the first time or you want to refresh your knowledge, please tap into our video training resources.

Sample prep using biocrates kits (pdf)

Working with plasma | serum (pdf)

Not working with plasma | serum (pdf)

Data analysis and interpretation resources

Getting answers

During your work with your kit a few questions arise naturally. Since a lot of laboratories work with biocrates kit solutions, we know most of these questions and found solutions or work-arounds for you. 

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