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April, 2014
Alzheimer Newsletter v3
Metabolic Phenotyping: Breakthrough in Neuroscience

In recent years more and more publications published in high impact journals give evidence for the growing importance of metabolic phenotyping studies in the field of Neurology. These studies comprise the well considered field of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer´s disease, but also neuropsychatric diseases like Schizophrenia.
Here, the Biocrates AbsoluteIDQ p180 Kit has proven to be an important tool to quickly provide easy-to-handle data, which allow scientists and physicians to get deep insights in the disease and further improve individual therapies. (Mapstone et al., Nature Medicine, 2014).  View Abstract .

Mapstone TitelMapstone et al., Nature Medicine, 2014

Blood Test could Improve Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

Discovery and validation of a set of 10 lipids from peripheral blood that predicted phenoconversion to either amnestic mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease within a 2–3 year timeframe with over 90% accuracy. This biomarker panel, reflecting cell membrane integrity, may be sensitive to early neuro-degeneration of preclinical AD.

Related disease specific markers:
Phosphatidylcholines: PC diacyl (aa) C36:6, PC aa C38:0, PC aa C38:6, PC aa C40:1, PC aa C40:2, PC aa C40:6, PC acyl-alkyl (ae) C40:6
Lysophosphatidylcholine: lysoPC a C18:2,
Acylcarnitines: Propionyl AC (C3), C16:1-OH

Grimm TitelGrimm et al., J Chromatogr A., 2011

Alzheimer's and Nutrition:
Influence of food intake

Grimm et al., 2011, suggest that specific diet might be beneficial in Alzheimer's disease.
By Biocrates PC lipidomics approach the authors were able to identify several metabolites which were reduced as a consequence of AD pathology. Independent of the question whether the observed changes are a consequence of pathological changes or dietary habits, this finding suggests that the intake of PUFAs and to elevate the uptake of lecithin or to increase the Kennedy cycle, which is responsible for PC synthesis, might be beneficial in AD.
He Titel v2.gifHe et al., Transl. Psychiatry, 2012
Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

The study from He et al. illustrated that the metabolic deviations detected in plasma may serve as potential biomarkers to aid diagnosis of schizophrenia.
Related disease specific markers
Amino acids & biogenic amines: ornithine, arginine, glutamine, histidine
Phosphatidylcholine: PC ae C38:6

Collino Titel small

Metabolic Phenotype of Longevity
Collino et al. demonstrate that longevity in northern Italian centenarians shows a distinct metabolic phenotype marked by specific changes in serum lipids and amino acids.


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