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In January, Biocrates and Metanomic Health have merged to create the first total solution provider for metabolomics, with a broad range of global and targeted metabolic profiling, targeted metabolomics and a vast expertise in biomarker development. The news don't stop with our merger. Biocrates and Metanomics Health are advancing metabolomics by investing in technology, networks, and scientific excellence.

New Kit on the Block: MxP® Quant 500
Biocrates introduces the MxP® Quant 500 kit, designed for the quantitative analysis of more than 500 metabolites from 24 biochemical classes. Including substances associated with nutritional status as well as microbial metabolites, the kit allows researchers to shine light into the black box of host-microbiota interaction. 

New Standard: MxP® Global Profiling
The MxP® Global Profiling provides the next level solution for untargeted metabolomics, with ultimate metabolite coverage from a database of thousands of metabolites. Stringent quality control ensures superior reliability, and extended data analysis capabilities enable customers to extract the maximum insights from their data.

New Perspectives: Upcoming Symposia
Biocrates regularly participates in scientific congresses, and co-organizes multiple symposia per year. We provide information on upcoming symposia in Munich, Hamburg and Göttingen, Germany.

New Insights: Recent Publications from Key Indications
Biocrates technology contributes to more than 100 scientific publications per year. In this newsletter, we would like to highlight some of the best peer-reviewed publications from the recent past.

New Kit on the BlockMxP Quant 500 Kit photo
Biocrates Introduces the MxP® Quant 500 Kit

MxP® Quant 500 Kit is a breakthrough in targeted metabolic profiling. Providing quantitative analysis of up to 500 metabolites, the kit provides the most comprehensive coverage available in a single kit.

MxP® Quant 500 covers 24 biochemical classes. Including dozens of metabolites associated with host-microbiota association, the new kit enables researchers to obtain functional information about how gut bacteria affect health.

MxP® Quant 500 has been designed for use with triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.

New StandardIcon Biostatistics
MxP® Global Profiling enhances reliability in untargeted metabolomics

MxP® Global Profiling provides increased confidence in global metabolic profiling. While the untargeted analysis of metabolic profiles against a comprehensive database of thousands of metabolites enables metabolomics analysis without upfront hypothesis, Biocrates' key principle of providing more robust results is maintained.

Applying stringent quality control provides a number of advantages:

  • Only reliably identified metabolites are being considered for further analysis.
  • Quantitative results for hundreds of metabolites are reported in human serum and plasma samples.
  • A sample quality score is calculated for every human serum and plasma sample.

In addition, our experienced team of biostatisticians can make support you in discovering potent and reliable biomarkers.

New PerspectivesWorkshop small
Biocrates co-organises a series of Metabolomics Symposia

Beyond being a leading technology provider in both targeted and global metabolic profiling, Biocrates and Metanomics Health enable scientific exchange at a local and interregional level.

In the past months, Biocrates has supported various symposia globally, including events in Beaumont (USA), Milano (Italy), Orléans (France), Erlangen (Germany), Seoul (Korea) and Taipeh (Taiwan).

We would like to invite you to a series of symposia taking place in three German cities during November and December:

  • German Metabolomics Network
    November 12, 2018, 16:00-18:00, and 
    Symposium "Disease Modulation by Microbiota, Lifestyle and Pharmacological Interventions"
    November 13, 2018, 09:00-18:00
    Klinikum der LMU München, Campus Großhadern, Hörsaal 6, Marchioninistraße 15, Munich, Germany
  • Hamburg Metabolomics Symposium
    Cardiovascular Research - Microbiome Meets Metabolome
    November 20, 2018, 08:30-16:30
    Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, Erika-Haus (Building West 29), Martinistraße 52, 
    Hamburg, Germany
  • Göttingen Metabolomics Symposium
    Metabolomics in Translational Research
    December 11, 2018, 13:00-18:00
    Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, Hörsaal 542, Robert-Koch-Straße 42, Göttingen, Germany
    Further information to follow shortly. Check out and Linkedin for updates.

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Recent publications from key indications

Having contributed to more than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications, Biocrates and Metanomics Health are proud of supporting outstanding science.

In this newsletter, we would like to highlight several highlights. Our choice of key publications from recent months is based on our global and targeted profiling technologies:

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About Biocrates  

Biocrates and Metanomics Health have recently merged to create a new global leader in Metabolomics and early disease detection. As a total solution provider, Biocrates and Metanomics Health provide the broadest technology and product portfolio in the industry. The merged companies have extensive expertise in targeted and global metabolic profiling, customized assay development, targeted screening kits, and data interpretation. Finally, capabilities in CDx / Diagnostic Kit development make Biocrates and Metanomics Health the preferred partner for all your requirements in metabolite analysis.

Biocrates’ metabolomics kits allow for the analysis of up to 500 metabolites across multiple analyte classes in a single run. The whole range of analytical and data interpretation services is available through the company’s service laboratories in Berlin, Germany and Innsbruck, Austria. 

Biocrates products related to this email are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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