Biocrates Introduces Kit for Broad Metabolite and Lipid Profiling



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Newsletter Issue #9
June 12, 2017
p400 HR Kit v1
 In This Edition of the Biocrates Newsletter

Metabolomics has seen a dynamic growth over the last couple of years. The technology has been successfully applied in a large variety of research fields. It is believed that Metabolomics has the potential to shape the future of clinical biochemistry, and to enable clinicians to obtain much more comprehensive information about the metabolic phenotype of their patients than today's routine laboratory methods are able to provide.

Biocrates has been a pioneer in turning Metabolomics into a powerful and reliable tool for every researcher. With its Targeted Metabolomics Kits and Services, Biocrates has enabled scientists to obtain meaningful Metabolomics data more quickly. Biocrates' kits have proven to provide reproducible results, which facilitates inter-laboratory collaboration as well as validation studies.

In close collaboration with Thermo Fisher ScientificTM, Biocrates has now made the advantages of Targeted Metabolomics Kits available to researchers working with High Resolution, Accurate Mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry. The brand new AbsoluteIDQ® p400 HR Kit provides the first Targeted Metabolomics solution for reproducible, quantitative analysis of up to 408 metabolites on Q ExactiveTM mass spectrometers, in a standardized Kit format. The Kit enables broad metabolite and lipid profiling.

Biocrates' work with partners in industry and academia has led to hundreds of scientific publications, of which some recent highlights will be presented in this newsletter.

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Jump Start into Targeted Metabolomics
NEW AbsoluteIDQ® p400 HR Kit

Is it possible to combine the benefits of metabolic profiling (i.e. hypothesis generating approaches) and targeted metabolomics (i.e. hypothesis driven approaches)?

The new AbsoluteIDQ® p400 HR Kit introduces Targeted Metabolic Profiling, providing quantitative and reproducible analysis of a broad range of up to 408 metabolites from 11 metabolite classes. The kit is designed for use with Thermo ScientificTM Q ExactiveTM mass spectrometers. 

Scientific Excellence in Metabolomics
Recent Highlights from Scientific Literature

As an ‘omics technology, Metabolomics is not confined to a specific area of application. Biocrates technology has contributed to more than 700 scientific publications, in a wealth of indications. We are proud to highlight just a few examples from Cardiology, Oncology, Pharmacology, and Immunology.

Contact us or visit our Homepage for further information about publications in your area of interest.

Improvement of Myocardial Infarction Risk Prediction
Ward-Caviness et al., Heart (2017)


Metabolic Network Failures in Alzheimer’s Disease
Toledo et al., Alzheimer’s & Dementia (2017)


Bile Acids are Potential Biomarkers for Drug Induced Liver Injury
Slopianka et al., Toxicology (2017)


Lipid Alterations in Chronic Hepatitis B, Hepatitis B Associated Cirrhosis and Carcinoma
Wu et al., Scientific Reports (2017)


About Biocrates

Biocrates Life Sciences AG provides the fast track to metabolic biomarker signatures.

With targeted metabolomics kits and services for quantitative, reproducible and high throughput analyses, Biocrates enables researchers to acquire comprehensive metabolic information more quickly, and more reliably. 

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