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Newsletter Issue 2
September 26, 2013
Phenotyping v1

Metabolic Phenotyping is emerging as a significant player in many areas of life sciences research because it permits the investigator to extract latent biochemical information of diagnostic or prognostic value. Metabolic phenotypes can be measured by targeted quantification of endogenous metabolites from different classes (“Targeted Metabolomics”).

Our Kits and Services for Targeted Metabolomics are all quality controlled, marked by unprecedented accuracy and precision, thus providing a comprehensive and predictive understanding of phenotypes and metabolic pathways. They set a new level of standardized processing, exchange, and storage of data, which enables researchers to compare their results across their labs and beyond.

Labor 2


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PRODUCTS Recommendations & Improvements

Improved performance of SteroIDQ® Kit and AbsoluteIDQ Stero17® Kit:

  • Glass ampoule 3 replaced by a plastic container
  • Use Milli Q® water without an anti-pyrogen filter

Recommendation for Stero17 Kit with AB SCIEX 5500 Triple Quadrupole Systems:

  • Sample volume less than 500 μL possible
  • ISTD must be further diluted
  • Inject 10 μL of the ACN extracts (DHEAS analysis) instead of 20 μL
Labor 3


Pharmacelsus Newsletter 13/07



Services to support Pharma Drug Development

Again, BIOCRATES'  Metabolic Phenotyping Services has extended its significant support for the creation of new models in the development of pharmaceutical drugs.
In a cooperative project with Pharmacelsus we showed that our targeted metabolomics services strongly confirm the results obtained with the Parmacelsus hepatic fibrosis rat model. After the induction of liver fibrosis in rats at Pharmacelsus, we registered significant changes at the metabolite level for several metabolites in the liver as well as in plasma.
Biocrates provides valuable support for the establishment of improved test models as well as for understanding the effects of drugs in these models.

"Induction of liver fibrosis by bile-duct ligation (BDL) in rats: Model set up at Pharmcelsus and evaluation of non-invasive metabolomic biomarkers in coll. with BIOCRATES" Read the full study



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Application Areas of Metabolic Phenotyping

Diabetes & Metabolism
Circulating lysophosphatidylcholines are markers of a metabolically benign nonalcoholic Fatty liver. (Lehman et al., 2013)
Key observation: Lyso-PCs are able to separate metabolically benign from malignant NAFL in humans.

Cancer Research
Mass Spectrometry-Based Quantitative Metabolomics Revealed a Distinct Lipid Profile in Breast Cancer Patients (Qiu et al. 2013)
Key observation: A panel of three lipids successfully differentiates breast cancer patients from healthy control with a sensitivity of 98.1% and a specificity of 96.0%.

Nutrition Research
Targeted metabolomics profiles are strongly correlated with nutritional patterns in women (Menni et al. 2013)
Key observation: Metabolomic profiles  reflect nutrional patterns in an epidemiological setting.

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 Dr. Wulf Fischer-Knuppertz

Dr. Therese Koal

Company News

Dr. Fischer-Knuppertz appointed new CEO:
Dr. Wulf Fischer-Knuppertz took over as CEO of BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG. Most recently, Fischer-Knuppertz was general manager with Fisher Scientific and before that had held leading positions at Roche Diagnostics. Press Release

Dr. Koal new Head of R & D:
In this role, Therese Koal will have responsibility for the future kit product pipeline, including target market evaluation, kit design, kit product and reagent development, and related bioinformatic software solutions. Furthermore she will represent the company at various biotech events.

BIOCRATES on the Road

Community News

"Unlike other fields like proteomics or transcriptomics, metabolomics is truly quantitative. [...] that allows the results from metabolomics studies to be easily translated into medical or industrial or environmental practices."

Click here to read the full interview with Prof. David Wishart (University of Alberta), published in MetaboNews (13/07).

BIOCRATES offers unique solutions for targeted, quantitative and quality-controlled metabolic phenotyping (“Deep Phenotyping”).
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