From metabolomics data to clinical knowledge

All characteristic metabolic properties of a cell, tissue or an organism are described by its metabolome, which is the functional readout of the genome and proteome. Combining the knowledge of related “omics” disciplines, like genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics, metabolomics opens the unique chance being closer to the phenotype than ever before and will lead for the first time to a comprehensive understanding of biochemical pathways in life systems. It allows the identification of biological markers, which can serve as early disease indicators and therapeutic markers for the evaluation of treatment effects. Click here for further information on metabolomics. 

Metabolic Phenotyping – From single biomarker to metabolic signature Figure: Metabolic Phenotyping – From single biomarker to metabolic signature

The essence of Metabolic Phenotyping is accurate metabolic measurement

For quantifying a wide range of metabolites in complex biological samples, LC-ESI-MS/MS is becoming one method of choice. The identification and quantification in particular of metabolites with high relevance in medicine and biochemistry is the current bottle-neck in metabolomics. BIOCRATES with its targeted metabolomics platform is overcoming these challenges for researchers by providing them with robust and easy to use assays for analytes or pathways of interest.

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