ms hand 2We serve customers with first-class metabolomics solutions by providing standardized and quality-controlled research and diagnostic kits which enables systematic quantification of many classes of biological relevant metabolites in cells, tissues, or clinically relevant fluids.
At our Services Center we make our know-how also availble to any partners in the industry and academic sector.  Additionally, we develop customized research assays to suit your specific research requirements.


The future of metabolomics looks bright and we look forward to bringing you more assays, a broad selection of kits, and the best software in the industry. We believe that the clinical application of metabolomics technology will be a key driving force and introduce a paradigm change in medical research.
Combining the knowledge of related “omics” disciplines, like genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics, metabolomics opens the unique chance being closer to the phenotype than ever before and will lead for the first time to a comprehensive understanding of biochemical pathways in life systems. It also allows the identification of biological markers, which can serve as early disease indicators as well as therapeutic markers for the evaluation of treatment effects.


More about the future of metabolomics and its strengths is available here.
(Interview Prof. David Wishart, MetaboNews, 2013/07)


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