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Advances in Targeted Metabolomics: Applications in Parkinson’s disease.

Katherine Black, Ph.D.

Manager Business Development

biocrates life sciences ag

During this event you will learn:

  • How targeted metabolomics enables absolute quantitation of biological metabolites with superior reproducibility, and thereby empowers the rapid discovery of deeper pathophysiological insights with direct clinical relevance.
  • The advantages associated with a highly reproducible and reliable approach that offers exceptional comparability of analyte concentrations across unique metabolomic assays.
  • The pivotal physiological function of the tryptophan metabolism pathway in health and disease, with a special focus on its role in monitoring treatment response of neurodegenerative disorders.

September 16th, 2020; 10:00 am eastern time

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Tryptophan catabolism has an important role in orchestrating metabolic crosstalk between various tissues within the host, as well as between the host and its microbial inhabitants. Moreover, tryptophan and its downstream metabolites have been implicated as robust biomarkers for several clinical indications, and thus it is crucial to monitor the activity of this pathway when developing various therapeutic strategies. In this webinar event, we will highlight the power of biocrates’ standardized targeted metabolomics technology, with an emphasis on the newly launched Tryptophan metabolism assay and its potential to aid us in the fight against neurodegenerative disease.

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